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It seems like courage is quickly becoming another buzz word. What is courage, really? For some people it’s sky diving or bungee jumping.  Maybe for you it’s quieter. Perhaps courage looks like standing up for yourself, or boldly sharing your creations with the world.
Coming in Fall 2016, the Courage in Action Telesummit will deliver daily doses of courage straight to your inbox. Join Courageous Living coaches and experts to learn what courage really looks like, every day. You’ll hear from parents, entrepreneurs and artists who will show you what courage really is and how you can get more of it.

Through the Courage in Action Telesummit, you will learn:


What practicing courage REALLY looks (hint: it’s not always found at the top of a mountain)

Why courage is so important to your happiness

Tips you can use to be more courageous in your life!

Some of the Topics Being Covered

Courage to be in integrity.

Courage to be your authentic self.

Courage to be kind to yourself.

Courage to heal.

Courage to go after what you want.

Courage to accept change.

Your Experts

Lara Heacock

Kind Over Matter

Adrianne Laconi

The Daring Dreamers

Julie Houghton


Michelle Crank

Authentic Journey

Paula Jenkins

Jump Start Your Joy

Shila Soni


Stephanie Ducharme


Our Expert Special Guests

Layla Saad

Makenna Johnston

Melissa Camilleri

Rachel Maddox

Sasha Darling

Kate Crocco

Christy Tennery-Spalding

Kate Courageous

Christina Ducharme

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