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Courage in Action Telesummit

2016 Interviews

Daily doses of courage from coaches, parents, entrepreneurs and artists. Interviews published daily from September 12-22, 2016.

Reconnecting With Your Courage with Lexi Koch

Lexi Koch is an intuitive life coach, flower farmer and mama who has done some pretty courageous things in her life! Think going to Zimbabwe for a year is courageous? So do we! In this interview you’ll hear: How life is different when you practice courage (especially...

Courageously Being Human with Christy Tennery-Spalding

Courage in Action is excited to welcome guest, Christy Tennery-Spalding! Christy is a self-care mentor, healer, and climate justice activist. Her courage includes living and working in an indigenous community for 3 months after college! Join Paula Jenkins as she...

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