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After more than 15 years in work that she thought she “should” do, focusing on making others in her life happy, Julie Houghton finally connected with herself, found her courage and started to make change. Hear from Julie about her experience and what brought her to fulfilling work.

Today, Julie helps women through her work as a career coach. Learn about how she helps women who say the following:

  • I don’t have any passions.
  • I feel purposeless.
  • There are so many reasons I can’t do what I really want to in my career.

Watch today’s inspiring interview to find out what Julie says about overcoming fear and why self-compassion is so important.

Feel stuck in a soul-sucking job & ready to find the courage to make a change? Click here to sign up for Julie’s newsletter and receive your free copy of her ebook, Five Simple Things You Can Do Today to Find Work You Love.

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