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Layla Saad is a Women’s Leadership & Business Coach and writer for soulful women entrepreneurs who want to change the world through their work. Layla also wrote a blog post that went viral and had her step into (pushed her into?) her courage!

Join Liz Applegate and Layla to learn how:

  • Showing up in your truth is important
  • Owning your greatness, your struggles, and your darkness is necessary for connection
  • Living through your core values is important
  • Honoring where you are on a day to day basis is important in moving forward.
  • Courage is a universal need no matter our personal journeys.

Layla believes the world is calling for a rise of conscious feminine leaders to share their wisdom, their creativity and their healing. Her work is Deeply Feminine. Intuitively Strategic. And full of Soul.

You won’t want to miss this Courageous Chat!

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