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Liz Applegate, life strategist as well as the visionary behind the community and podcast Midlife Schmidlife. She helps women redefine their lives and recreate a life lived with passion and purpose.

Join Lexi Koch and Liz, who shares:

  • How Liz used sad, challenging and scary times to grow.
  • How learning to trust yourself is key to stepping out in courage.

Liz brings passion, truth and her genuine self, offering viewers a unique view on courage. Her honesty is refreshing! You are sure to gain some wisdom that will help you grow and become more connected to yourself.

Head over to ElizabethApplegate.com for upcoming programs and insightful tools and tips to navigate life’s transitions. Or if you are a podcast fan, visit Midlife Schmidlife and join Liz’s Insider’s List. Liz is kicking off a Midlife Toolbox Series this month and speaking to experts who share their take on ways to make the most out of your relationships, style, health, self-care and work-life.

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