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What do wrangling unicorns, business coaching and courage all have in common? Makenna Johnston is what, or rather who. Courage in Action is proud to welcome Makenna to the telesummit! Not only is she a courageous, unicorn wrangling business coach, she also owns Julia Child’s former home in France. Pretty courageous stuff!

In This Interview You’ll Hear:

  • About the courage it takes to live every day.
  • As an aside, this interview was filmed in July, the day after the Nice, France attacks which occurred 30 minutes from her home. Makenna courageously showed up.
  • Learn her 3 steps to return to courage, even on days like the one on which this was recorded.
  • How does the owner of Julia Childs’ house define courage? It’s different than you might expect.

Don’t miss this powerful, inspirational 20 minutes.

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